You Are A Beautiful Unicorn...

Listen to me, my beautiful pro vaccination, paleo eating, bottle of wine because it's Wednesday, horrible CW show binging unicorn ..

Nobody cares if you have visible abs. Nobody. Speaking from experience. I've had abs, then I was just "flat" stomach. Didn't get any extra attention.

And the work I put in to have the extra was exhausting, and maintaining sucked more than pleasing an overly paranoid girlfriend who swore that I could not just train pageant girls platonically.

But enough about Sarah..

Bottom line, if you're going to go through the hell of a ridiculously low body fat percentage enough to show your abs, do it for you.

Not strangers. Not for the one week a year you have your shirt off. Not for that one Clemson professor you swear to God has the hots for you because you have no idea how you got a passing grade.

But do it for you. Because doing it for others will make you ripped but also sad. And nobody likes you any better, even though you have that weird v line thing that nobody can agree on a name for.

Be real girlfriend.

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Love ya,


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